If any of these people are you, please tell me via the ask box and I will give you the credit. All the pictures are found at weheartit so please don't suspect me for stealing your pics from tumblr. If I haven't set up any source it's because I don't know who it is or I haven't found any flickr or tumblr. I DO NOT GIVE HAIR TIPS. (These blogs will give you hair tips!) -SHORT HAIR - MEDIUM HAIR - LONG HAIR - TUTORIALS - Thank you for following! --- COLOUR SECTIONS; BLONDE HAIR - BLACK HAIR - BROWN HAIR - RED HAIR - BLUE HAIR - PINK HAIR - PURPLE HAIR - GREEN HAIR STYLE SECTION; UNDERCUTS - DREADLOCKS - BRAIDS - MOHAWK - DIP DYE - CURLS

yourartynamegoeshere said: To the person who was asking about going from black to blonde etc I have some other tips. Get a product called 'Colour B4' I think it might only be available in Britain. It's a colour stripper which not only works extremely well, but it hardly damages your hair at all. Most people who have used it makes their hair become a dark strawberry blonde colour. After that it makes your hair a lot easier to bleach over and you'll only have to do one session of bleaching
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