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Hair Tips!

If any of you want any hair tips you can ask these two blogs! As I said yesterday, I hardly answer any of the hair questions on how you can do this and that because I’m not a hairdresser or anything. These two told me that if I needed help with answering some, I could send the questions to them! To make all of this easier; if you have a hair question, just ask them! I will put a link to the blogs in my description! Finally I won’t feel all bad about myself because I can’t answer all of the questions!


This girl is a Cosmotologist, so I guess she knows a lot about it!


This girl is a professional hairdresser and stylist!

I guess you’re going to get great answers from both of them! 

I just need to add this girl who told me that she answer hair questions on her hair blog!


I’m getting some messages from people who wants to help me now, and a girl just told me that she has a lot of experience when it comes to dying her hair, so I guess she can answer some hair-dying questions!

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